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Woods Primary School, Magherafelt
COVID 19 Updates Visit the Public Health Agency Website for the most up to date information on signs and symptoms and our school FB Page.  Also remember the importance of good personal hygiene - wash hands with soap & water, use tissues & don't come to school if displaying any signs of feeling unwell. Thank you.
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Aims & Values


Hamiltonsbawn Primary School is situated on an elevated site on the outskirts of the village of Hamiltonsbawn

Our Aim

Our aim in Hamiltonsbawn Primary School is to create a calm, caring and safe environment where effective teaching and learning can take place.

Our Values

• We believe in providing for the needs of each individual child, so that they receive an education suited to his/her abilities so that the full potential of each child is realised.

• We are committed to providing a safe secure and stimulating environment.

• We value the inclusion and equality of treatment of each pupil.

• We are committed to work in partnership and actively encourage the involvement of parents in the education of their children.

• We are an integral part of the community and it is our intention to build upon and strengthen the links which already exist.

• We value, therefore, high expectations of our pupils, teachers and parents.